100,000 on the streets in Brittany

Nearly 100,000 demonstrate in Brittany against the CPE.

Submitted by Steven. on March 7, 2006

Numbers on demonstrations
Rennes: 20 000
Nantes: 30 000
Brest: 12 000
Quimper: 4000
Saint Brieuc : 12 000
Valves: 2500
Lorient: 6000
Saints-Nazaire: 4000
Chateaubriant: 400
Redon: 200
Ferns: 150
Dinan: 100
Glazed: 100
Pontivy: 1000
Saint Malo: 150

Students from Rennes stated:
We are pleased by yesterdays events. It is a good base to continue the fight in the days to come and to pressure the French government to withdraw its contrary antisocial projects with the interests of workers (CPE, CNE, law on the equal opportunity).

If we are to fight in a way interdependent with all the workers of France to gain, we should not wait for the authorisation or the opinion of the Parisian trade-unions. The fight must be built from the base, like the high-school pupils and the students of Brittany have in the last month of this hard fight.

We firmly condemn the violence of the French police force in Rennes train station when removing the demonstrators who had invaded it. The confrontations which followed in the streets around the station were merely a practical, legitimate response to this violent aggression (several students and passengers were wounded by the blows of truncheon and teargases). We went yesterday at midday with 700 demonstrators to the front of the police HQ in Rennes to claim the release of those who had been stopped at the station. Eventually the only threatened high-school pupil was let off. Let us remain united in the fight and we will overcome!