Say hi to the newest member of the libcom admin team!

After several weeks of consideration, the one you all lovingly know as Joseph K. joined the libcom group on Saturday. Joseph has been contributing to the libcom project for several months now and as we were looking to expand the admin team he seemed like the natural choice. He has had now his permissions increased, sworn his life to libcom, and will join us in a loosely defined content-focused role bringing the total number of admins up to 10. So be nice to him or prepare to face his new found authority!

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Oct 24 2006 10:33


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Rob Ray
Oct 24 2006 10:41

JK takes his blood oath to the Libcom committee in a secret ceremony

Congrats btw wink

Joseph Kay
Oct 24 2006 11:11

no secret ceremony sad, but Jack did try to persude me to drink his piss neutral

cheers Saii wink

Lazy Riser
Oct 24 2006 13:06


Is this wise? JK is my Evil Twin after all. He's a poof by the way.



Oct 24 2006 14:45

But then we can't use the lord of the ring graffic anymore.

jef costello
Oct 24 2006 15:58

I wanted to ask why Joseph K. had seemed a little grumpy over the last few days, now I don't dare sad

Joseph Kay
Oct 24 2006 16:08



Lazy Riser
Oct 24 2006 17:42


Yeah JK. Well. I'm sorry for being nasty to you.



Joseph Kay
Oct 24 2006 19:18

how sorry? mwah ha ha ha ha

Joseph Kay
Oct 24 2006 19:19

thats what all the losers say. scream it over power chords and you'll be an emo star

Joseph Kay
Oct 24 2006 19:35


Oct 24 2006 20:03

So who did you have to sleep with then? wink

Joseph Kay
Oct 24 2006 20:12

who didn't i?

i'll save it for the autobiography wink

Joseph Kay
Oct 25 2006 09:18

please be responsible and use them to hang the nearest bureaucrat cool

(you're new labour flatmate probably grin wink)

Jason Cortez
Oct 25 2006 10:10

I don't know whether congulations or commiserations are in order.