Workers' struggles in Asia (April 2010 Part 1)

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around East Asia (excluding China) up to the 15th of April.


4th: In another protest over land grabs, 10 villagers were arrested after 400 blocked a highway.


14th: Residents of an area around a cemetery in North Jakarta fought 2000 public order officers and 600 police with rocks, petrol bombs, machetes and samurai swords to fight a planned "renovation" of the area. Reports claim it is due to a historic tomb being located their, but it appears the plan is to evict residents around the cemetery rather than the cemetery itself, so there may be more to it than a religious issue.


14th: Dockworkers strike for 2 hours over asbestos.


4th: Teachers staged a rally demanding their salaries be doubled or they will go on strike.
5th: Over 5000 people joined a protest in the capital Ulaan Baator calling for the dissolution of parliament due to the imbalance of wealth distribution.


9th: Article on the recent strikes in garment factories in Rangoon.


13th: Port workers tried to delay a takeover until they get back pay.

South Korea

6th: Workers at national broadcaster MBC went on strike to force the companies' president to step down.
9th: Kumho Tire workers reject an offer by management after one day strike.


2nd: Workers from a factory that makes touch screens for Smartphones gatecrashed the launch of a new phone to demand better working conditions in a rare protest by workers.
12th: Trade unions will hold a protest on the 1st of May to highlight the growing wealth gap in the country.


3rd: Up to 10 000 workers went on strike over pay at a Taiwanese-owned shoe factory, pelting strike-breakers with shrimp sauce and pig's blood.

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