Workers' struggles in China (March 2010 Part 1)

Summaries and links to news reports of workers' struggles around China in the first half of March up to the 15th.

1st: Dissidents and petitioners in China are facing increased pressure from authorities in the run up to a parliamentary session.

5th: The reality of the "labour famine" and "wage inflation".

6th: The Ministry of Education accused Oxfam of being a subversive organisation.
An elderly lady was killed by developers when trying to prevent the demolition of her home.

7th: Short account of a visit to one of the "ant tribe's" colonies outside Beijing.

11th: Reports of dissidents being invited to "drink tea" with police grow in number.

12th: More than 1,000 people were arrests for "endangering state security" in China last year.
Whilst the number of cases going to the labour dispute court increased by ten percent.
Dissident sentenced to "re-education through labour".

16th: Officials and gang members have been arrests for allegedly instigating a riot in Guizhou two years ago.

Hong Kong:

5th: Pirate radio station shutdown.

8th: An unemployed man threw a shoe at a the Acting Chief Executive to protest against the government's policies.
International Women's Day.

11th: 6 pro-democracy activists arrested in Beijing for a protest months before, apparently due to pressure from Beijing.

14th: Demonstration to demand a higher minimum wage.

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