Fascists attack squat in Athens with Minister of Public Order supervision

fascist attacks protesters with molotov between police lines on Tuesday's antiracist march

Nazis organised by the police in vigilante groups in Agios Panteleimonas attacked one of the oldest anarchist squats, Villa Amalias, 20 minutes after meeting with the Minister of Public Order.

Submitted by taxikipali on July 10, 2009

On Thursday 9/7 the second mass protest march in a week took to the streets of Athens against State sponsored racism and police collaboration with fascist groups in the area of Agios Panteleimonas. The march which was organised by the left and numbered 5,000 protesters took to the Parliament.

Before the march protesters attacked a group of fascist parastate elements who have been trying to expand the apartheid imposed in Agios Panteleimonas to the near by Attiki square. After the successful ambush against the nazis, the Minister of Public Order, Mr Markoyannakis, infamous for his involvement in the huge Seimens scandal and for his pro-nazi views, visited Attiki square and then Agios Panteleimonas to hold common meeting with the fascist vigilante committee, led by Mr Pipikios, an officer of the Army renowned for his junta nostalgia and love for armed blackshirt formations. 20 minutes after the meeting of the State and parastate scum, a group of nazis left Agios Panteleimonas and attacked Villa Amalias, the 19 year old anarchist squat, with molotov cocktails and projectiles. Fascists had managed to set fire to the squat last year leading to extended damage to the historic building. This time the fascist attack was successfully repelled with fascists running for their lives behind police lines which came to their help.

The new incident of police-nazi cooperation brings the counterinsurgency strategy of the State into new perspective. It is the first time since the junta that a Minister meets with fascist combat groups. The policy of open State support of such murderous elements was commonplace even before the junta, under the government of K. Karamanlis (uncle of today's PM) who actively supported EKOF, a prastate group designed to break up protest marches and terrorise the left. Mr Markoyannakis first entered public office as a public persecutor of the colonels' junta.

The bourgeois media have imposed an information black-out on the incident.



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Submitted by Riot_Queer on July 12, 2009

Yet, incidents like this STILL do not get reported in Australia let alone Melbourne, which has the largest Greek population outside of Greece.

All we got was a few news reports about some teenager being shot by the police and that there were riots across the country.


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Submitted by Samotnaf on July 12, 2009

It seems there's very little information outside of Greece about what's happening there, if France is anything to go by. Silence since December. Always interesting reports, taxikipali. In April I used some of them to put some things out in French on the movements there between January and March. Maybe I'll update later. But a couple of questions. What happened to the battles between locals of Grammatico, outside Athens, and riot police forces over the construction of an open refuse which you reported on July 7? And, a few reports ago you talked about The Sect of Revolutionaries doing various terrorist acts. Is there any information about whether this group is infiltrated by the State and is doing deliberately provocatively stupid vanguardist things (I heard about them in January - and some Greek friends said they found them very suspicious).?
all the best -


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Submitted by Zanturaeon on July 12, 2009

Samotnaf, good points and questions. A friend of mine who's involved with an anti-war organization at Rutgers University is currently visiting the Mediterranean region and was in Greece for some time, though now he's currently in Israel I believe. I'm going to talk to him about doing a write-up for Libcom on the situation there. I forwarded him this post and he asked if it was Golden Dawn that did this (the attack in the above article.) Do we know?