Poland: Landlords, police and neo-nazis attack activists

Polish police victimize activists who protests against housing politics and neonazi violence. At the same moment gangsters associated with Palikot's Movement terrorize tenants.

Submitted by Black Adder on August 15, 2012

First scandal after last eviction also connected with police is action against antifascists. After the association in Białystok the big demonstration against neonazis took place. Half years after that, brother of their leader and some other neonazis attacked a disco club. People who were unlucky to be there were lucky because neonazis did not use the weapons they had in a car.

At the same time police started visiting people that they had noted on the demonstration six months before asking about some person who was wanted because of fight with Blood & Honour members after the demonstration. They are trying to say that six months ago some crime took place but they did not know about that before... Of course police just "visit" people to talk with them in "friendly way".

Different things happen in Poznań. Piotr Śruba is a person who bought ilegally some buildings and make tenants to leave them. He attacks them, destroy door, roof etc. Now he can not go to this buildings because he is accused of stalking but he pays his workers to terrorize tenants.

But what about reppressions of local activists? Last time some of them handed out some leaflets near the Civic Platform office. Leaflets was about anti-social politics of this goverments. Police decided to accuse them of "hooliganic incident". Nobody was noted that time so they decided to accuse five people including two who did not attended in that action.

Probably goverments try to criminilize all social movements and put them under pressure to scary people who are young or have something to lose. Maybe they will try to judge and sentence many people.


Black Adder

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Submitted by Black Adder on August 15, 2012

Going to describe situation further and ask all of you my friends to make this things known in your groups and societies. Piotr Śruba partner decided to give up after his name appeard in Polish media. I think Śruba will also give up if he will be famous in whole world. This is him "at work" http://d.naszemiasto.pl/k/r/c7/77/4cd0ff295248f_o.jpg

Going to write more about this problem in Poznań.