Disabled People Against Cuts storm British parliament

DPAC occupy Parliament
Protesters campaign to save Independent Living Fund

This week severely disabled people from the activist group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) occupied the lobby of, British Parliament building the House of Commons, in protest against government plans to scrap the Independent Living Fund

Submitted by bracehead on June 29, 2015

The independent Living Fund (ILF) is a government benefit designed to enable severely disabled people to live and work in thier communities. The protest follows new plans by the British, Conservative led government, to transfer responsibility for the benefit to local councils. Campaigners warn that, due to recent cuts to council funding, these changes could potentially cut of support to more than 17,500 disabled people.

During the protest on Wednesday 24 June the House of Commons lobby was occupied, however police officers prevented the protesters from entering the main chamber of the House of Commons, where David Cameron was leading Prime Ministers questions. One protester in a wheelchair said that one of the aims of the protesters actions was to 'talk to MP's about how their decision effects people's lives', he also added that 'the cops got really aggressive with us and left people in wheelchairs on the ground'. Despite this, MP John McDonnell dubbed the protests actions as 'extremely brave', declaring his support for the 'direct action'. After the protesters left the building they proceeded to block the road outside parliament.

According to police sources, at no point was security breached, or anyone arrested. Furthermore, DPAC defended their actions, arguing that the protest helped to draw attension to thier cause.



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Submitted by Steven. on June 29, 2015

Many thanks for writing up and posting this, this was a great action. Saw an extended feature on the BBC News Channel this morning on the abolition of the Independent Living Fund and the resulting uncertainty disabled people, where a brilliant DPAC activist was debating a slime bag from the right wing business front "Taxpayers Alliance".

This, and the other media coverage of this change would not have happened without this action.


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Submitted by bracehead on June 29, 2015

Thanks. hopefully we will be seeing a lot more resistance like this over the coming yrs. Just to let you know, I should have some sample blog material for you soon, this is just a story I really needed to cover.


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Submitted by decentralise on September 15, 2015

100% backing these people - http://dpac.uk.net/