Feminism is for everybody - bell hooks

Feminism is for everybody - bell hooks
Feminism is for everybody - bell hooks

bell hooks' short introduction to feminist politics.

Submitted by Joseph Kay on March 22, 2012

Each time I leave one of these encounters [with anti-feminists], I want to have in my hand a little book so that I can say, read this book, and it will tell you what feminism is, what the movement is about. I want to be holding in my hand a concise, fairly easy to read and understand book; not a long book, not a book thick with hard to understand jargon and academic language, but a straightforward, clear book - easy to read without being simplistic. From the moment feminist thinking, politics, and practice changed my life, I have wanted this book. I have wanted to give it to the folk I love so that they can understand better this cause, this feminist politics I believe in so deeply, that is the foundation of my political life. (...) I have written this short handbook, the book I have spent more than 20 years longing for. I had to write it because I kept waiting for it to appear, and it did not.



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