Italy 1977-8: Living with an earthquake - Red Notes

Bologna, 13th March 1977.
Bologna, 13th March 1977.

A superb pamphlet from a time when a very high level of class struggle dominated Italian society. Despite their differences - the state, church, fascists, Communist Party and unions were all united in opposition to the the radical social movement. In text and PDF format.

Submitted by Red Marriott on March 9, 2008

Link to PDF of pamphlet.

Published by Red Notes, London, UK, late 1970s

Text version from Class Against Class, lightly edited by



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Bump, because we have just added formatted text of this pamphlet, as well as the PDF.

Anyone that hasn't read it definitely should!


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Page 7 is in the wrong place in the pdf version (between pages 3 and 4).


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Good spot! That's easy to fix but the PDF is 40megs and the maximum us mere mortals can upload is 32.