Against Domestication

Against Domestication

Jacques Camatte

Table of Contents

* Publication history
* Against Domestication
* The Mythology of the Proletariat
* The Lycée Movement, Paris, 1973
* The Despotism of Capital
* The Question of Violence
* The Terrain of Struggle
* The Global Perspective
* Revolution and the Future

Publication History

This is a translation of "Contre la Domestication" by Jacques
Camatte which was published in the French journal Invariance
(Année VI, Série II, no. 3, 1973). It was translated by David
Loneragan and first published by Falling Sky Books, Kitchener,
Canada in 1981. It was reprinted in the Autonomedia collection
Against Domestication in 1995.

Translators note in first edition : Dedicated to Rose and to all
my friends in London

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