Insurgent Notes #25 (2023) Special Issue on Ukraine


2023 issue of this Journal of Communist Theory and Practice, with articles from a range of authors on the war in Ukraine.

Submitted by Fozzie on February 6, 2024


  • Introduction to the Special Issue on Ukraine - Ross Wolfe
  • Capitalist Crisis and the War in Ukraine - Sanderr
  • Against the Russia Invasion of Ukraine, for the Successful Resistance of the Ukrainian People - John Garvey
  • Untimely Thoughts: Notes on Revolution and Ukraine- Andrew
  • War of the Decomposition of Russian Capitalism: Neo-Imperialism, Exacerbated Violence, and Global Civil War - Pablo Jiménez
  • Contra Leninist Anti-Imperialism: Capital War Means Social Peace - Antithesi
  • Response to John Garvey - Karmína
  • The Warn in Ukraine Through Some Memories of the Yugoslav Wars - Rob Myers
  • Revolutionary Defeatism Today - Devrim Valerian
  • Peace Is War - Gilles Dauvé
  • Contradictions in the German Discourse Around the War in Ukraine - Konstantin Bethscheider
  • Another Russia Is Possible: On the Moral Responsibility of Western Leaders for the War in Ukraine - Grigory Yudin
  • Behind the Frontlines: An Interview with Andrew After the Ukrainian Counteroffensive - Kosmoprolet
  • War as Spectacle - Ricardo Noronha
  • Two Short Texts on the Invasion of Ukraine: Death and Extinction & Nothing Is Resolved - Jacques Camatte