The One Big Union Monthly (August 1937)

The One Big Union Monthly (August 1937)

The August 1937 issue of IWW journal The One Big Union Monthly with articles on anti-union violence, the Spanish Civil War and capitalist planning. Contributors include Arthur Hopkins, Covington Hall, Frank Little, Paul Kolinsky, Paul Mattick and Walter Pfeffer.


-Employers use violence

-Class collaboration: old and new by Joesph Wagner

-A tip to a friend by Covami

-The laundry workers - they can be organized by K.T.S.

-Book review by Fred Thompson

-Factful fables by Covington Hall

-The nonsense of planning by Paul Mattick

-:I just got into town" by Paul Kolinsky

-If this be un-American make the most of it! by Arthur Hopkins

-"The age of innocence": a short story by Walter Pfeffer

-Scissorbill strategy by The Wandering Wob

-A letter from apeland by x141738

-Twenty years ago (Frank Little murdered)

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Juan Conatz
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