Black star: an anarchist review

Black star anarchist review

Partial online archive of Black star, a publication of the Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation in the US published from 1975.

If you have any other issues of this publication please add them to this archive, or maybe you could donate some to us to digitise? Please let us know in the comments below.


Jul 27 2014 06:40

That's quite a first cover. How many women were in the organization at the time? And in the editorial group?

Jul 27 2014 20:52

Sad to say this is a typical graphic from the time period. I was involved with the broader group of SRAF members engaged with this. There were actually a number of women involved. Been a long time so I can't remember the breakdown

Jul 27 2014 20:53

I have some water damaged issues in my personal archives
I'd have to dig them out tho

Jul 27 2014 22:10

Syndicalist, that would be great if you could dig some up!

Yeah, with the graphic nowadays I would say that was totally inappropriate, however from stuff I have seen from the 70s that sort of imagery seemed pretty common

Jul 27 2014 23:48

Steven.... We'll see what we can do. It really was very eclectic and not the best publication. But it reflected the eclectic nature of mid 1970s anarchism. Def not class struggle That's why we went on to form the ACF/NA a few years later

I'll be in touch on this

Jul 28 2014 08:34

Great stuff, thanks

Jul 28 2014 15:28

No problem

Polar Bear
Dec 10 2014 22:01

Mimi did the graphic, and I always liked her drawings. The mag was certainly class struggle, although not of the rabid organizational variety that leftoids like. I did the process camera work at RPM print Coop in Madison for a few issues.

Dec 11 2014 00:05
although not of the rabid organizational variety that leftoids like.

And this is why SRAF failed.