Hidden agendas ... – Anonymous 2

Another not especially great contribution to Reflections on Mayday which is reproduced here for information.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 29, 2021

One of the key issues on the agenda was JackBoot Straw's new "anti-terrorism" bill, due to become law over the summer having been swept through the commons by "Labour's" massive majority (not that the Tory scum would oppose it anyway) and which will, in effect, legally brand those who resist "terrorists".

Some people marched to Downing street to raise their concerns with the PM though, being unable to get past the Gestapo at the gate, had to send the freak a message in a bottle, or two... It later transpired that Mr bLIAR was at Chequers having tea with -yep, you got it- Gerry feckin Adams! The bill is aimed at direct action and any form of dissent on any level. ... Has it not occurred to them that, had the Suffragettes not resorted to direct action then women wouldn't even have a vote let alone seats in the House? (mind you, no vote, no Ann Widdecomes!). If we cannot protest then the illegal government will be able to Carry out massacres -as it did in the Gulf and the Balkans-completely unchallenged.

The bill is not only about giving the elite and their little (working class !?!) helpers more powers, its also about protecting corporate scumfucks like McMurder's. These faceless menaces -who've been hit by direct action- tell the government (which they own) to pass laws that enable them to continue to kill people and animals and rape the planet (not to mention putting crack in their "cheese burgers").
... But fear not. Their laws are to be broken. The forest that is beginning to rise-up from under the restless concrete of their system -not seen since '68- will continue to flourish in the face of the pesticide that is the elite and, eventually, devastate the foundations on which their monuments are stood. And y'know what? They're fuckin' shittin' it!