Kelly Girl Plays Postmistress

fiction by kelly girl

Submitted by ludd on March 11, 2010

It was Kelly's first day working at VentureTech, Inc., and she hoped it would be her last. The place had a funny feel about it. There were a lot of Enlightened Management amenities, like good coffee, abstract floral prints on the walls, and comfort rooms with futons. But there was something creepy about how all that enlightened male niceness came across. It was better when the bosses were out-and-out pigs--you knew what you were dealing with.

In this office, you couldn't tell if the boss-guy was putting his arm around you when he was telling you how to do the fucking word processing because he believed Touching Is Good, and promotes Staff Well-being, or if he was just being a letch like every boss who ever tried to cop a feel. Kelly suspected the latter, although who knows? Maybe these young enlightened executive types had been in the spanky-clean office numbness for so long, recharging their energies at lunchtime in the corporate ExerCenter downstairs, that they had even lost all lust.

Sean, Kelly's boss for the day, slipped her a stack of papers with imperative-sounding post'em notes. grabbed his Adidas bag and headed for the elevator. "Time for the work-out," he said, smiling. "I need those letters out by two o'clock, but you be sure to try to get some fresh air yourself. Right, Kelly thought, turning off the word processor. She figured she could fuck off for about an hour, then take lunch when the guy got back. It makes no difference if letters get mailed by two or five, he just likes to give orders. She started looking around her cubicle, then got up and peeked into Sean's office. It was done in New Age blues and salmons, with cushy round chairs and lacquered wicker bookshelves. He had his own fresh water dispenser in there, and rows of vitamins and weird green powders, which explained the stale seaweed smell. Kelly went over to the blond oak desk and tentatively opened a couple of drawers. The top ones were full of colored pens and personalized stationery and trail mix. She opened the bottom drawer a little and saw some glossy magazines. She opened it all the way and got the full view: Crotch Shots, Suck, Hustler, Bondage Babes, the works. She picked up one of the magazines and started leafing through. It was pretty hard core. Yuck. The stuff kind of grossed Kelly out. She usually got secretly turned on looking at sexy pictures. But these made her feel like she wanted to go buy Carter's cotton undies and stay home reading Louisa May Alcott.

The creepy thing about the magazines, a: least seeing them here in the office, is that there aren't any nude men anywhere. The sacred dicks are behind-the-scenes, running the show. Hiring their temporary cunts to do their work and give them a cheap thrill on display in the outer office. Kelly wondered if Sean was really into kinky sex, whether he'd be fun in bed. Nah. He probably got the same kind of pleasure in bed as in the office-the pleasure of being in control and getting as much as he can for the least he can do. Someone opened the door. Kelly slammed the drawer shut and turned around like she'd just been admiring the view.

"Hey, you know where Sean is?" Kelly turned around. The guy was tall with a few beaded braids in his dark tangled hair. He had on a turquoise T-shirt and orange high-top tennies. Kelly was relieved; it must be a messenger or the mailroom guy. "Lunch, she said, edging back towards the door. The guy was staring in the vicinity of her chest with a funny smile. She looked down and realized she was still clutching a copy of Hot Licks. She got a flushed hot feeling all over. "I was just..." She couldn't decide whether it was worse to be caught snooping or reading porn magazines in the inner-office. Fuck it, let him figure it out. "... getting his mail," she said, scooting over to his out box and scooping up the stack of papers. hiding the cover of the magazine. She quickly walked past the guy back to her own desk. Another wave of hot tingles came over Kelly. but this time. she noticed uncomfortably, it had to do with the closeness of the guy's loose, expressive body in this charged atmosphere. He followed her out. She was safe behind her desk. She picked up a couple of pieces of mail from her desk and handed the whole stack to him. "So here you go," she said, turning toward her Wang.

He took the papers, but he didn't leave. Kelly turned around toward him. He handed her the magazine from the bottom of the stack, trying to control a smirk. "Better not forget this," he said. "Oh yes. Thanks," she said absently, slipping it into her purse. "Bored?" he asked.
"Huh?" What was he offering?
"The office work. Typing. Bet it gets boring.
"Oh. She smiled. "You bet. It sucks." She looked up at his T-shirt and wanted to nuzzle her face in it.
"Yeah. At least I don't have to work out here where they can watch over everyone.
"So what's your name?" she asked him.

She paused and extended her hand.
"Kelly." He had a soft, firm handshake, lightly slid his fingers off her palm. He motioned toward his cart. "Mailman." She pointed at her Wang. "Temporary.
He nodded. "Well, I gotta go.
Sean came back in from his work-out, and all Kelly could do was picture him chained to an examination table in his spiffy suit with some dominatrix poking at his dick through his zipper with a sharp steel rod, making him beg her to stop. Sean stood in front of her looking through his mail. His bluish fingers on the manila seemed tense and up-tight. No, she couldn't picture him in bed--Ick. "Any calls?" he said, smiling at her just enough to make her sick. He probably paid people to smile like that. "No," said Kelly, folding her arms. He looked at her long hair and slithered down to her fingers on the keyboard. "I had a great work-out," he said, as if Kelly'd asked. "We've got a wonderful exercise center downstairs--really gets everyone in tip-top tone." He lifted his pecs a little bit, most likely for approval, and ran his hands through his moussed hair. "Would you like to try it out after work? We don't usually let temporary help in the club, but I bet I can sneak you in as my guest. "No," said Kelly, and then thought she'd better add, "Thanks."

"So did you finish the reports?" he asked, drooping again. He said it in a tone like he probably always said 'did you come?' "No," she said. He frowned and lost his slimey, friendly demeanor. "I want them immediately." He went into his office. Probably to beat off. Kelly finished word processing the letters, and started printing them out. Halfway through. the ribbon died. She beeped Sean on the intercom and asked him where the new ones were. "In the mailroom," he said. "You have to requisition them from the mailboy. An intercom light went on in her undies. She put it on hold and went out to look for the mailroom, down the hall past the kitchenette. He was in there, slipping letters in and out of the mail slots. She walked in real business-like. "Excuse me," she said, curtly, "but do you know where I can find a new ribbon for the printer?" She looked in the supply cabinet, picked up a bottle of white out, and rolled it between her fingers. He looked up. "Oh, hi." She wondered whether he could see her nipples sticking up through her Temporary Blouse. "Hi." She leaned against the mail shelves and stayed there for a few moments, noticing the little red lines around his intense blue irises. "Ribbons," he said. "What?" She blinked, spaced out. "Yeah, ribbons."

He reached across her up to a top shelf, just brushing her chest with his. She got a good whiff of his yummy/stinky smell. "You may have to move," he said. "They're way up here." She slid underneath his arm as he stretched way up for the ribbons. The whole box spilled down on the floor, startling Kelly. They both got down on the floor to pick them up: her hair in his face, arms touching and crossing. He leaned back on haunches. "I'm a klutz," he said matter-of-factly, smiling. "No big deal," she said, putting her hand on his back for support, slowly standing up. Then she offered him his hand. He took it and pulled her back down on top of him. They had 80% body contact for a couple of squishy moments, but stopped just before they started squirming all over each other. He laughed at himself. "I told you I was a klutz." He pulled her up, both aware of the energy charge between them, but both unwilling to make another move. Kelly thought about knocking something else over, but figured by now it was pretty cliché.

She straightened her box of ribbons, and started looking around the room. 'You've got all the office supplies you and your friends'll ever need."

"Yeah. They comes in handy." He patted the Xerox machine. "Especially this."
"You do a lot of leaflets or what?"
"Yeah, flyers, xerox collages."
"Do you have any?"
"I've got a bunch, but they're put away in the other room." He pointed to a door at the end of the room. "The comfort station." He walked into the other room, which had futons, lamps, and easy chairs.
"This is a trip," said Kelly. She plopped down on a futon and set her water-based White-out and ribbons next to her.
"Well, they figure people need to recover from VDT rays or the Exercycle or whatever. It keeps 'em going."
Kelly eyed the door. "Do people come here very often?"
Clutch laughed. "I wouldn't say that.
Kelly blushed. "You know what I mean." She hit him playfully.
Clutch closed the door. "There. It's locked."
"That's supposed to make me feel more comfortable?"
"Sure," he said, then opened a cabinet and pulled out a box full of xerox collages. "Then no one will find out what subversives we are."
"I'm just getting printer ribbons."

Clutch brought the box over to the futon. He brought out a couple of collages of media-twisting advertisements and words. Kelly held one of the papers and their hands touched. She slid her hand up his arm a little way. Clutch let the papers drop to the floor. He lightly pushed her all the way back on the futon. "Maybe I can see them later," said Kelly. She was wondering whether to make a break for it. He probably thought she was some kind of a Hot Licks sleeze, and he was just going for whatever he could get, typical male opportunist. "Maybe I could see you later." He kissed her from her neck up to her lips and stayed put for awhile. She thought maybe she'd go for whatever she could get. Might not be bad to have a few hot licks. Beats the Wang. "Maybe," she said, kissing him back, sliding her hands down the sides of his body, then sliding them back up the center, pausing on top of his tiny nipples. He smelled her hair and nosed his way down to her breasts. He stroked them, undid a couple of buttons, and put his cold hands on her bare nipples. He unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. She stroked his ass and pulled it closer to her, feeling how hard he was against her thighs. He kept kissing her slowly, down from the tips of her breasts to her ribs, to her belly-button. She pulled his shirt out of his pants, tugged it up over his head, and felt his warm body against hers. She gave him little bites on his neck and his ears, licking his earlobes until he shivered a little.

He pulled her skirt down and rubbed her through her stockings. "I hate stockings," she said, kicking her Temporary Pumps off. "Fucking uniform." She helped him peel them off and wondered how far this was going to go. He reached over and picked up the bottle of White-out.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
"Relax," he said. "You'll like it." He opened the bottle and brushed a white circle around her nipple. "Just relax and let me do whatever I want. You game?"
"I don't know."
"I'11 stop if you don't like it. But you will."
"If I get to do whatever I want next."

He put both of her hands above her head. "You have to pretend they're tied," he said, and kissed her. She nodded with her tongue flicking the top of his mouth. He brushed the White-out from her elbow to her armpit, and down to her breast.

"That tickles."
His other hand started working some fingers into her vagina, just barely touching her clitoris now and then. She started to squirm. He painted little designs on her tummy and outlined her pubic hair. Then he drew a line down the inside of a thigh to the back of her knee. Kelly moved her hands to touch him. "No," he said

He dropped the bottle. He traced the white line down from her breast with kisses, and buried his face in her pubic hair. His tongue started at the top of the crack and slithered its curious way down, slowly, round and round, to the tip of her clitoris. She jerked a little nervously. "I don't know about this." He continued. And continued. Kelly gave her doubts up to a strand of deliciousness that had taken hold. She followed it deep inside, swelling until it burst, until it collected itself again and went ever deeper, ever sweeter, ever more intense until she buzzed all over.He slapped her ass hard, and she caught her breath sharply; her body awoke to another sensation.He slipped three fingers inside her pussy then came up and kissed her on her mouth, and she tasted herself.With his thumb on her clit she came again, this time deeper, higher-pitched, shaking. She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and fixed her eyes on his Levi's. She stroked his hair and bent down to kiss his earlobes. Then she rolled herself on her side and kissed him all the way down to his tummy, alternately unbuttoning his jeans and stroking him from his thighs to his bulging underwear. She bent over to untie his hi-tops, pulled them off, then pulled his jeans and his underwear down.

"My turn," she said.
"Looks that way."
She pinched his feet a little, then lightly stroked his legs. She leaned over him, her white-rimmed breast in his face, and picked up a printer ribbon. She pulled some of the ribbon out and started wrapping it around one of his wrists.
"No way," he said, squirming.

She tied his hands on either of him to the slats on the futon frame. Then she tied his feet, legs spread out.
"This is really kinky," he said.
"Umm." She sat on the futon between his legs and started stroking herself in front of him and masturbating. She would stop occasionally and rub her breasts against his nipples and lightly lick his thighs. She grabbed his penis and slid herself down on top of it, squeezing him with her pussy muscles. She lifted herself up and down a few times and pulled him out of her.

"This isn't too safe," she said. He squirmed. She started licking around his penis. He stiffened some, and she kissed and licked under and over his balls, drawing a hard line up the underside of his penis. Then she stopped.
"Oh, baby, keep going."
"When I want to."

She bit his nipple and played with his penis in her hand. She slid her tongue back down to his penis. She put her lips over the top, over a little more, then slid all the way down, and up and down again, sliding her hands along his sides, tickling his balls. She sucked him until he shuddered and came. She slid her body all the way up his and wiped the leftover cum off onto the comfort station pillow. He kissed her.
"Will you take these things off now? I want to hold you." She started untying the ribbon, and turned at a sound in the mailroom .

"Shit," said Clutch. He ripped his hands and feet away from the printer ribbon. He put his hands over his face and groaned. "No, no. Work."

Someone knocked on the door. "Clutch?

It was a woman. "I need some more second sheet stationery. "Hang on, Sallie, he called. "I want to finish this burrito. He jumped up and put on his jeans and T-shirt. "How 'bout if I bring you some in a few minutes?"
"Okay, she answered. "But this letter has to get out before 4:30."
Kelly picked up her camisole from the floor. He pulled her towards him for another kiss. "I want to stay here with you all night long.

She looked at the employee notices on the walls. "Think we could find somewhere else?" He laughed. She pulled her clothes on and straightened her hair in the mirror. All of a sudden they looked like they did before. She put on her pumps and stood up.

"I liked you better with your clothes off. She grabbed her box of ribbons and put her hand on the doorknob. "Back to the zone." "Don't forget your White-out." She smiled. She went back to her desk, put in the ribbon and finished printing her stuff out, glad it was almost time to go. She felt a little funny in her skirt, blouse and stockings. The White-out was caking off inside her camisole. She didn't even know the guy. She probably wouldn't see him again. Being back at her desk, typing up letters she couldn't give a shit about, made her feel somehow like she was being taken advantage of by everyone.

Sean came out of the office. "So you're back," he said. He looked at his watch. "I took a late break." Kelly pictured herself as a photo in one of his magazines, pictured herself spread out, centerfold glossy, painted in white with Sean setting up the shot, hot lights making her sticky and unhappy, sweating White-out. Kelly thought about Clutch and felt a little like her most vulnerable self was spread-eagled in Hot Licks magazine. "Well, look. Finish printing that stuff out, leave it for me to sign in the morning, and then watch the phones until five. I've got to take off a little early. "Okay. She put her Temporary Time Card in front of him. He signed it and nodded good-bye. She watched his briefcase get smaller and smaller and wondered what was repressed inside it. He stooped for a drink of water before leaving, stiff. What a jerk. She shook her head. Like she's going to make herself feel like a Bad Kelly Girl for having a little fun at work. A lot of fun. She waited until he was gone long enough for it to be safe, then she put on her jacket to leave and walked out, avoiding the mailroom.

In the elevator, she pictured Clutch's orange hi-tops strewn on the station floor and tried to remember his hair smelled like. She looked at the three neatly-suited men in the elevator, each with an identical briefcase, each numbly staring at the walls as they descended to the lobby, and she laughed out loud.

by Kelly Girl