The making of the English working class - E. P. Thompson


Apr 5 2011 17:39

Nice one for posting this and the preface!

Chilli Sauce
Apr 5 2011 18:39

Is this the entire thing!!?!? That is damn impressive.

gram negative
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Apr 6 2011 01:10

Thank you!!!

Apr 6 2011 09:49
Steven. wrote:
Nice one for posting this and the preface!

Cheers, although it was hieronymous' posting of the preface that reminded me I had this floating around.

Valeriano Orobó...
Apr 6 2011 14:51

Fucking great, thanks a lot!

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Jul 8 2012 21:51

waaaah! Tried to convert it in Calibre and then read it on a kindle, but its double-paged, so all mixed up waaaah! waaaah!

Does anyone know of a way of sorting it?

Big thanks for putting book up mate

Nov 17 2012 13:42

Thanks a lot. A MUST READ for all History Students.

Kate Sharpley
Jul 6 2014 16:44

There's a review on the KSL site: Working Class History : The Making of the English Working Class by E.P. Thompson and Live Working or Die Fighting: How the Working Class Went Global by Paul Mason [Review] at