Oh sit down! Accounts of sit down strikes and workplace occupations

Waitresses at Woolworth’s staged an eight-day sitdown strike in 1937 which won a five cent per hour pay rise

A pamphlet produced to distribute to workers involved in occupations, with accounts and analysis of other occupations and sitdown strikes by workers around the world.

2nd Edition including squatters rights and analysis of the Visteon dispute uploaded July 2009, with a print-ready PDF and editable Word document.

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Apr 7 2009 18:12


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Apr 7 2009 18:14

We printed a few of these and gave them out at the Enfield Visteon occupation. It's pretty long, but hey the people in there have a lot of time and are quite bored for much of it!

Could anyone else run a couple of to give to the Belfast occupiers, or the Dundee Prisme ones?

If not we could just post them...

Apr 7 2009 21:23

Yeah will print up some for next time in Belfast. I can't make tomorrow but will be again next week.

Apr 8 2009 04:08
Apr 8 2009 08:12

some more stuff on sit-down strikes in the US originally published by the maoist PLP in 1965 - http://www.plp.org/pamphlets/flintstrike.html - and now partly republished by the non-maoist AWL: http://www.workersliberty.org/story/2009/04/07/how-sit-strikes-built-unions-usa

Joseph Kay
Jul 24 2009 01:36

uploaded a new version incorporating Visteon and UK squatting law/advice from the Advisory Service for Squatters. we should be getting some printed imminently to distribute at Vestas.