One dimensional woman - Nina Power

One dimensional woman - Nina Power

Exposes the dark heart of contemporary cultural life by examining pornography, consumer capitalism and the ideology of women's work.

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Mar 14 2012 21:08


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Mar 17 2012 13:15

Thanks for this!!

Mar 20 2012 01:18

Nina Power rocks!

R Totale
Jul 6 2020 21:30

Did a piece for the Spectator of all places on incels recently too. It's a shame, because when she was good she was really good.

Jul 7 2020 18:40

Also Spiked. The ex-left transphobic feminist dollar must be a high performing one for the Barclay & Koch brothers.

R Totale
Jul 7 2020 20:23

God, I'd not seen the Spiked one, although I suppose as an ex-left contrarian who's ended up writing for the Spectator it would be more surprising if she managed to avoid writing for Spiked as well. The past decade has not been a good one for a lot of people, but there is something really quite sad about going from being someone as interesting and sharp as the author of One-Dimensional Woman to bobbing around in Brendan O'Neill's cesspit.

Although if I take my sad disappointed glasses off and put my bitter absurdist ones on, I think there is something really quite funny about Power's current "defend JK Rowling and incels!" line. Imagine:
"Oh no, it seems like everyone's angry at me since I said all that stuff about trans people. :("
"Cheer up, not everyone is angry at you. It is I, noted feminist author Nina Power, here to stand up for you!"
"Wow, that's great, thanks!"
"Yes, I feel that you're being misrepresented and unfairly persecuted, just like the poor incels."
"Thank you - wait, what?"
"I'm here to say that we need to ditch all this trendy gender identity nonsense, and get back to proper old-fashioned woman-centered feminism, the kind that was all about defending the rights of real proper women. And also about supporting viciously, hatefully misogynist men, for some reason."
"Umm... OK?"

Jul 13 2020 07:37

*sad noises*