The poverty of statism: Anarchism vs Marxism


Feb 14 2011 07:16

Someone needs to delete the excessive child pages.

Feb 14 2011 08:53

Hey, thanks for posting this, but what's the deal with the "anarchy and scientific communism" articles, as there are four with the same name? Let us know if you need a hand tidying things up

Feb 14 2011 12:50

The excessive pages need deleting. There should be the intro by Meltzer, article by Bukharin and response from Fabbri. All have notes which I did not sus out from the formatting.

Feb 15 2011 12:17

Hi, I have found all the articles now, and looks like the extra one has been deleted, but I still don't understand what the articles are exactly, and how they should be arranged.

The clearest way to organise them would seem to be have this parent article, "the poverty of statism…", Then have three child pages:
1 introduction by Albert (text currently here)
2 article by Bukharin (
3 response from Fabbri (

does this make sense? I could do that, but the thing I'm not sure about is what is actually called "anarchy and scientific communism"? Is that the article by Bukharin?

Feb 15 2011 17:42

Document here.
Bukharin's piece is Anarchy and Scientific Communism and Fabbri's response is Anarchy and "Scientific" Communism. If the html does not allow quotation marks the articles will appear to have the same title.

Feb 15 2011 19:46

Does this look okay now?

With the Bukharin piece, you actually posted it in a different book, but I have moved it here. Easiest way to add child pages is to just click "add child page". The intro boxes are for putting in a quick explanation of what the subsequent article is about.

Many thanks for posting it up!

Dec 5 2015 00:01

Thanks for bumping this. I reposted it on my FB page as some comrades were recently taking about this very pamphlet.