The world scene from the libertarian point of view

A 1951 pamphlet produced by the Free Society Group of Chicago, the World scene from the libertarian point of view features 21 anarchists giving their outlook on international issues and anarchism's potential.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on July 23, 2016

Contents include

-The state of the world by G.P. Maximoff

-Social rights and freedoms: their vital worth to us by Rudolf Rocker

-We must hold on by Fernand Planche

-Can we afford to be anti-militarists in our day? by Dr. H. Koechlin

-Moral decay of our society by Dr. Herman Frank

-Dark road ahead of labor by Manuel Buenacasa

-Should we defend democratic rights? by Albert Meltzer

-Anarchism: its part in the world struggle by Dr. M. Pierrot

-The choice before the nations by José García Pradas

-Present-day role of the church by George Woodcock

-Anarchism, anarchy, anarchists by David Thoreau Wieck

-How long can capitalism survive? by M.P.T. Acharya

-The right to self-determination by Joseph J. Cohen

-Anarchism and agriculture by Gaston Leval

-Capitalism, totalitarianism and libertarian socialism by Augustine Souchy

-Libertarian movement from within by Ismael Marti

-This is no time for pessimism by Sam Weiner (Sam Dolgoff)

-Greetings from Japan by T. Yamaga & S. Ishida

-Decadence of political socialism by Felipe Alaiz

-25 years of 'Free Society' activity in Chicago by Boris Yelensky

-Notes on the authors herein

-Concerning the translations

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