Promissory Notes: From Crisis to Commons

Historical overview of the recent financial crisis from the North American autonomist Marxist group Midnight Notes Collective

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Dec 27 2009 01:03


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Dec 27 2009 01:15

that's interesting, so are you in midnight notes? I didn't know they were still going

Dec 27 2009 01:51

No, no...just read over the library wish list, had that article lurking on my computer and uploaded it.

They are still publishing, just very very irregularly I believe.
It seems to me like all of the people who make up the collective have been publishing more under their own names instead of the Midnight Notes name? But maybe that is a wrong impression.

Dec 29 2009 17:24

They are still publishing, and yes they often/ mostly publish under their own name(s) lately... i.e.- Federici, Linebaugh, Caffentzis, etc.

Also I tried to discuss this article