Rebel Roo


Feb 27 2017 21:21

Looksee at some point. Anything "burning" that needs to be looked at immediately?

Chilli Sauce
Feb 28 2017 09:18

Nah, I wouldn't say burning. I just think they're worth having here on libcom for a model of what good outreach looks like - both in terms of layout and writing.

Apr 8 2017 15:20

No6 out now with some good news stories -

Chilli Sauce
Apr 8 2017 16:27

Thanks Spiky. Uploaded!

Just to say, if the notion strikes you in the future, anyone can upload new issues as a "child page". Steven lays out how to do on the first post under issue #1.

Nov 15 2017 16:30

No 8 just out here: (or just
Must have missed no7. Apologies got confused trying the add child page.
Given my criticism of other recent Plan C stuff still think this is useful.