[VIDEO] The Seductive Power of the Right-wing Fantasy: Can We Break the Spell? [Radical Responsibility]

A fantasy of empowerment that can boost confidence and motivation but has dangerous side-effects. Join me as I attempt to understand conservatives, anti-SJWs, and right-wingers on their own terms, without strawmanning them.

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Submitted by Lucky Black Cat on April 2, 2020

Conservatives, anti-SJWs, and most people on the right tend to deny that oppression exists, deny that capitalism is unjust, and oppose policies that help the poor or people in need. What are the ideological influences behind these attitudes? And what are the psychological influences behind this ideology?

These questions led me to investigate the rightwing worldview – not of fascists or the far-right, but of conservatives, anti-SJWs, and right-wing liberals (yes, there is such a thing).

My research focused on the works of contemporary figures, from well-known authors and speakers like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro to lesser known figures, including YouTubers such as Stefan Molyneux, Sargon of Akkad, SomeBlackGuy, Armoured Skeptic, and Jesse Lee Peterson.

Although the ideological and philosophical influences behind right-wing and anti-SJW views are varied, there was one that kept coming up again and again: Radical Responsibility.

What is Radical Responsibility? Why do so many people find it attractive, even seductive? In what ways is this philosophy harmful? Why do people who embrace this philosophy see leftists and leftwing ideas as harmful? Does Radical Responsibility have a grain of truth? How should we approach notions of individual responsibility and individual empowerment? Is an individual approach sufficient? How can we move beyond this?

And of course, the burning question on everyone’s mind: IS RIGHTWING PHILOSOPHY LIKE COCAINE?

This video will explore all this and more. Part one of what will be a series.