22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

Clashes broke out as hundreds of thousands converged in the Spanish capital for a “March of Dignity” against austerity and the right-wing government.

Over 100 people were injured and at least two dozen arrested after clashes broke out following an anti-austerity rally in Madrid last night. Arriving in six columns from all over the country (many of them on foot), hundreds of thousands of protesters converged upon the Spanish capital as part of a nationwide “March of Dignity”. As Spain enters its sixth year of crisis, with unemployment at a shocking 26% and nearly half a million families having been evicted from their homes since 2008, the indignation naturally runs high.

Brandon Jourdan of Global Uprisings was in Madrid last night and captured this footage from the front-lines:

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Mar 24 2014 20:12


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Noah Fence
Mar 25 2014 13:13

Saxophones against austerity? Not in my name!

Mar 26 2014 00:09

Biggest public demonstration in democracy, over 1.500.00 people in the street.The fact that no political party or yellow unions participated might be analiced as significant about the way people are changing their conception about politics. Columns were given prepared food by the population and ocational accomodation since there were places under right goverments that banned even the possibility to march through.
Represion is growing, Dignity is fighting up.

Thanks for your support.

Mar 26 2014 02:21

Down with the EU. The liberal paradise is a living hell for the workers. Toward the commune of communes. The project that was interrupted in Catalonia by Franco should be taken back up and advanced!

Caiman del Barrio
Mar 26 2014 12:02

That footage of the fire brigade charging at police lines is fuckin sweet, and way more significant than the anarchy/barrio kids breaking paving stones. I haven't been able to follow this too closely, but from what my compas in Spain are saying, seems like there were demos - and subsequent anti-repression demos - across the country, and the state response has been fuckin hard, with rumours of fascist collusion with the pigs in Barna.

The other news is that the CNT's bloc in Madrid was apparently huge, although it'd be good if they mobilised that many people next time their members were on strike.

Mar 26 2014 13:52
Caiman del Barrio wrote:
That footage of the fire brigade charging at police lines is fuckin sweet,

Can u link to the footage pls?

Mar 26 2014 21:31

Random related pieces and updates.
The person remanded in custody is being charged with attempted murder:

Police union admits they lied in showing alleged photos of weapons used on 22M, they were from another time. (This is an international police classic I think; what year was the cache of "weapons" near to a Climate Camp in England?):

Organisers being chased for costs:

Caiman del Barrio
Mar 27 2014 03:39
Soapy wrote:
Caiman del Barrio wrote:
That footage of the fire brigade charging at police lines is fuckin sweet,

Can u link to the footage pls?

It's the vid in the OP.