Against the reform, another revolt! Updates on student protests in Italy

Last night the Chamber of Deputies approved the Gelmini reform. 307 votes in favour, 252 against, 7 abstained. The reform will be passed over to the Senate on 9th December for its 3rd reading, then to the Chamber of Deputies again for the final vote.

Submitted by Italy Calling on December 1, 2010

Today thousands of students went back to the streets. Assemblies and meetings are being held all over the place to decide about mobilisation tactics for the next few days, and many more schools, colleges and faculties have been occupied.

In Naples, students have occupied the train station. Up until 3pm all train circulation was completely stopped. In Bologna, students have occupied the Council House. The local airport has been broken into again in Pisa. In Palermo the students spent last night in the occupied Council House. Faculties and schools already occupied have decided to keep the occupations going till the 14th December, when the Chamber of Deputies will give its final vote.

Yesterday’s protests paralysed Italy: At least 18 major train stations were occupied and completely stopped for hours; motorways and airports were targeted for direct action and pickets. Other targets, just like in the last few days, were monuments and government buildings. The protests got fiery in Rome when students gathered outside Montecitorio (Chamber of Deputies ) and tried to break in just when the Chamber was voting on the reform: video here. Marches in the city centre very violently charged by the police, who used teargas.

An interesting fact: The Wu Ming Collective, authors amongst other titles of the celebrated novel Q, have publicly expressed their support of the students in this communique’ published by Uniriot.

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Submitted by Italy Calling on December 1, 2010

The European site of Uniriot have just published an article "It's just the beginning": click here.