Radio station occupied in Salonica in solidarity to squats

Radio station "Imagine" occupied in Salonica in the run-up to the cross-country marches in solidarity to anarchist squats.

Submitted by taxikipali on April 27, 2009

As the right-wing government in Athens has revealed its proposed anti-anarchist legislation amidst procedures of impeachment that may lead to immediate elections, anarchists, antiauthoritarians, libertarians and the entire spectrum of the social antagonistic movement is stepping up its response to State repression by holding a series of cross-country protest marches in solidarity to political and residential squats that have come under fire by the general persecutor of the country, Mr. Sanidas, who, besides being notorious for having built his career through right-wing support for his services at acquitting torturers during the historical trial of the colonels' junta in 1975, has been recently accused of attempting a whitewash of the church-government money laundry scandal that has rocked the country.

In the run-up to this week's mobilisation, on Monday 27/04 the radio station "Imagine" was occupied by radicals in Salonica, with its transmitters forced to play a long message of solidarity to the squats. Amongst others the message read: "The multitude of occupied spaces, their discourse and action even their very existence scare the State. After December and in the midst of the economic crisis, the State sees that its role as a sovereign is being challenged. In an effort of re-instituting itself, it tries to disorientate public opinion, by setting up a spectacle with terrorism scenarios and repression of squats. Its purpose is to terrorise and to stigmatise whoever chooses to think, to act and to struggle. Its ultimate goal is the creation of sterile cities, with no resistance, space of bare life, of survival. Like faithful soldiers the mass media reproduce the measures announced by the chief-persecutor Mr Sanidas and materialised by the rest of state-slaves. Their repressive mechanism can subdue buildings, but it cannot subdue consciousness. The squats were born out of our needs, and as as long as we are needed we shall continue our existence".

On Saturday night in Athens an open public space concert in solidarity to the squats attracted several thousand of sympathisers.