Serbia: Student blockades spread

An update on the student protests in Belgrade from a participant.

Submitted by Joseph Kay on March 14, 2007

At 19:00h tonight occupation of the Philosophical faculty has been declared. This is now second faculty that is being held by students, together with faculty of Architecture. The meeting was held with the minister of education yesterday, but his offer was rejected by the 600 students strong assembly at the Architecture faculty.

The university and State (although, the government is not formed for two months now, since the last elections, and most probably no-government situation will be prolonged for at least a month more) authorities are increasingly getting aware of the possibilities of this turning into a real hell for them, so now more political accusations are coming. Dean of the philosophical faculty claimed at todays university meeting, in front of the press which only waited for that so to blow up the story, just few hours before blockade that he is:

"...expecting that the blockade starts at his faculty too, because, organizers of all strikes at the University are not students, but organization named "Anarcho-syndicalist initiative"

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