Rebellion against Italian education reform grows

Protest against government cuts in school and university research funding has escalated with mass street demonstrations and occupations spreading across the country.

Submitted by elios on October 26, 2008

Massive protests are taking place in many Italian cities and towns against Berlusconi's government school reforms, which consist of cuts on public university and research funds, the introduction of student behavior evaluation and the separation of foreign students from the Italian ones in different classes.

For almost 1 month throughout Italy High Schools and Universities have been occupied by students and teachers, and lessons are taking place outdoors.

Massive street protests have disrupted the normal functioning of the cities.

The demonstrations are growing as they go along and this trend is expected to continue next month.

There was an assault on the Roma Film Festival as Al Pacino arrived, and on Sunday primary schools children joined the protest.

Many of the demonstrations have been of a highly creative and amusing variety. The mainstream media has remained quite quiet on the issue, but News has been spreading via social networking and user generated content websites such as youtube.

Here are some examples:



ROME (lesson outside the Parliament) (Rage Against the Machine) (Roma Film Festival)

SKY TV (the News crew was attacked after accusing the students of forcing the police barriers)

FLORENCE (death of education) (brain hunt) (D&B off the Duomo)



AND MANY OTHER CITIES (click on the Italian flag and on the banner on top of the page)

Elios. Slightly edited by libcom