Open Letter To British Soldiers (1912)

Reprint of 1912 letter to British soldiers that resulted in several people associated with The Syndicalist being given prison sentences.

From Wildcat #1 1974. Text from The Anarchist Library.

[VIDEO] Interview with Augusto Masetti from 1964

A short televised interview with an elderly Italian Anarchist famous for his anti-militarist actions in 1911 when Italy was in the process of invading Libya.

May Day in Ft. Leavenworth: Socialist, IWW, & Anarchist Prisoners Celebrate (1919)

An article from the Liberator newspaper, describing how socialist, anarchist and IWW prisoners celebrated May Day at Fort Leavenworth in 1919. This article was made available online by We Never Forget, and the full issue of the newspaper can be found at the Marxists Internet Archive.

9. "I had a little bird..." Bolshevism and the 'Flu

The largest, quickest, and most devastating pandemic in all of human history was the influenza epidemic whose first of three waves began in Kansas in March 1918, and recurred in ever widening and more mortal forms in the autumn and the winter. Yet, this epidemic is distinguished from others by a second reason, the historical amnesia - a virtual blackout of memory - that has greeted it in subsequent generations. Its historian summarizes: "Nothing else - no infection, no war, no famine - has ever killed so many in as short a period. And yet it has never inspired awe."

Anarcho-syndicalism and the sexual reform movement in the Weimar Republic

A paper by Dieter Nelles on how anarcho-syndicalists in Weimar Germany campaigned for the legalisation of abortion, helped women get illegal abortions and educated women on birth control.

The Passing of Parliament - Monty Miller

A letter by Monty Miller criticising the newspaper International Socialist for its support of the Australian Socialist Party electoral campaigns and its criticism of direct action.

Socialist Party of Canada Western Clarion Literature for sale

Socialist Party of Canada Western Clarion Literature for sale

Socialist Party of Canada Western Clarion Literature for sale by the Dominion Executive Committee

The Way to Power

The Way to Power, 1913 pamphlet from the Socialist Party of Canada by J. B. Osborne