call centres

The Organizer # 18

August 2009 PDF of the Twin Cities IWW branch's newsletter.

A “zero-hours” contract… for thousands and thousands of hours

No-one has ever sincerely smiled this much while wearing a headset

Jack Staunton writes on his work in a call centre compiling government market research surveys.


An account of working on an HIV-aids helpline in San Francisco.

Techy Wage increase attempt at Convergys in Gurgaon

An account of an unsuccessful attempt of call centre workers in Gurgaon, India, to inflate their wages by forging positive feedback.

The Gurgaon call centre hub

Text from autumn 2006 giving an overview on the call centre hub in Gurgaon, including interviews with workers.

Hell’s bells: call centre and workers in global movement

Information and interviews on call centre work and struggles in Romania and India from January 2010.

Proposal for an inquiry in Call Centers - Kolinko

Kolinko's original proposal for a detailed investigation of work, exploitation and struggle in call centres, written in November 1999.

Why workers' interviews? Kolinko

A leaflet from Kolinko attempting to find call centre workers to interview, 2000.

Kolinko interview by Direkte Aktion, 2001

Interview from January 2001 between Kolinko and anarcho-syndicalist magazine "direkte aktion" explaining their reasons for the call center-inquiry and are intervening in the workers' discussion through leaflets and websites.

Hotlines - call centre | inquiry | communism

German libertarian communist group Kolinko's detailed three-year investigation into work in call centres, restructuring and the possibilities for workers' resistance.