Industrial Worker #1714 (April 2009)

Articles from the April 2009 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Introducing the CNT-f

In France, as a result of 1993 split, there are 2 unions who use the CNT name. The CNT-AIT and the CNT-F. This is the CNT-F's intro to their organization. We do not agree with its perspective but reproduce it for reference.

Interview with an Algerian anarcho-syndicalist

Achour Idir is an organizer with the autonomous Algerian trade union, the Conseil des Lycées d'Algérie (CLA, Council of Secondary Schools of Algeria). He is 30 years old and lives in Algiers. In a country where there remain the stigmata of a Party-State, maintaining one's autonomy is not an easy thing. This is an interview with a class-struggle militant, who identifies with the red and black ideals of disobedience and resistance.

Greece riots: Interview with a libertarian syndicalist

An interview by the CNT-F with the International Secretary of the ESE (union of libertarian syndicalists), discussing the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the events that have followed.

CNT and the new labour law reform in France

An article from CNT-F about the 2008 French labor law reforms.

France: Solidarity strike for arrested teacher

Do their job - Sarkozy

French teaching unions have called for a one-day strike this Friday in parisian primary schools in support of an arrested teacher.

About the Frog Pubs strike, 2003

Detailed article about the struggle of Sri Lankan Tamil migrant workers in Paris against British pub chain Frog.

2003: Frog pubs strike

A Frog Pub chain worker

An account of a strike of mostly Sri Lankan workers, aided by outside militants, at a British-owned pub chain in France, which won some concessions for the workers.

CNT-F: 3 million reasons to continue the struggle

A translation of a communique issued by the CNT, a French anarcho-syndicalist union, about the on-going struggle against the CPE.

CNT communique: support for UMP occupation arrestees

Statement from the anarcho-syndicalist organisation CNT-France in support of 8 arrest in an anti-CPE occupation.