Insurgent Notes

Class Struggle in Vietnam: From the Colonial Yoke to Wage Slavery for Global Capital

Following a recent wave of strikes in Vietnam, Insurgent Notes discuss capitalist development and class struggle in the country.

Notes on the Fly

SS's notes on N17 and the relationship between the left and other protesters.

NYC Transit Workers’ Fare Strike 2012: Can Occupy Open Horizons for a Frustrated Labor Movement?

Jon Harvey takes a look at the MTA union bureaucrats and the NYC transit workers

Reflections on the New School occupation - Arya Zahedi

Arya Zahedi takes analyzes the All-City Student Occupation at The New School in NYC.

Reports From the Occupy Wall Street Events of Mid-November

Just getting started or funeral march? RS takes a look at the events of November 17 ("N17") in New York City and ponders the fate of OWS.

OWS and the working class

How has the Occupy Movement impacted the lives of the "traditional" wage-earning working class and how do they see the Occupy? Brief notes from NYC and NJ.

Globalization of Capital, Globalization of Struggle

Editorial for Insurgent Notes Issue No. 5 on the Occupy Movement.

All eyes on Longview: An injury to one is an injury to all - Insurgent Notes

A call-out to participation in an upcoming conflict in Longview, Washington State.

Occupy Oakland: The port shutdown and beyond - All eyes on Longview!

Jack Gerson discusses the lessons of the Occupy movement and it's future.