John E Jacobsen

Competition, bankruptcy, and the decline of the United Auto Workers

UAW retirees on the line

September 21st, 2011: The United Auto Workers and General Motors are wrapping up contract negotiations following their previous contract’s expiration on September 14th.

Nuclear Power

Fukushima explosion

A report released this week by the Associated Press detailed extensive Tritium leaks at Nuclear Power facilities across the U.S., bolstering some critic’s arguments that Nuclear power is not a viable means of providing safe, sustainable energy.

Of budget cuts and union officials

John Jacobsen on budget cuts in the US and the unsuccessful tactics to combat them used so far by the unions.

Could Osama’s death really mean the end of Afghanistan’s occupation?

“Late Sunday night local time, two U.S. helicopters from Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and carrying Team Six SEALs flew in low from Afghanistan… The raid began on the smaller of two buildings in [Bin Laden's] compound, where [Bin Laden's] couriers were believed to live. The raid then moved to the larger three-story building.

Union Leadership Stands in the Way of Working People in Wisconsin

In a surprise legislative maneuver last month, Republican legislators in Madison, Wisconsin, passed a bill which severely limits the collective bargaining rights of most state workers.

Wisconsin – Next Stop, the General Strike!

John E Jacobson gives a summary of the movement against Gov Walker's attack on pay, conditions and collective bargaining for state workers in Wisconsin and argues support for a general strike.

Why You Should Start a Solidarity Network

SeaSol's "Winnability" Graph

People often accuse anarchists of being opposed to all forms of organization. Some of us are quick to point out, however, that it’s not all organization we are opposed to – just apparently the effective ones.

Two approaches to wage theft in the U.S.

A study conducted in 2008 by the UCLA in conjunction with the National Employment Law Project found that, amongst non-managerial and non-technical workers in the United States, wage theft is a virtual epidemic.

The Tea Party: How the right is using them, and what the left can learn

Tea Party members rally

The American conservative movement known as the Tea Party has caused quite a stir since its first protests against government bailouts in 2009. They have held hundreds of rallies across the country, attracting massive attendances while garnering the scorn and admiration of all the major news networks. While some have labelled them as dangerous extremists, others have celebrated their populism.

Wall Street Already Finding Loopholes in Financial Reform Legislation

Continuing in the tradition of watered down, pro-corporate legislation that the Obama administration is becoming infamous for, new reports are surfacing that banks and financial institutions may continue to get away with the same risky trading and investment practices that landed us in a recession.