Julius Martov

Down with the Death Penalty - Julius Martov

Julius Martov's denunciations of Bolsheviks use of capital punishment in contrast to their earlier campaigns against the death penalty when they were in opposition.

Always in the minority - Julius Martov

On the present-day tasks of the Russian socialist intelligentsia. Zaria (Заря. Социал-демократический научно-политический журнал), December 1901 (No. 2-3): 180–203.

The Lübeck party congress of German Social-Democracy - Julius Martov

Martov Lenin

Zaria (Заря), December 1901 (No 2-3), pp. 404–24. (under the pseudonym Ignotus)

The role of the soviets in Russia's bourgeois revolution: the point of view of Julius Martov - Adam Buick

Julius Martov

Questions the assumption that the form of working class organisation to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism has been found in the workers' "soviets" or councils such as those that appeared during the Russian revolution. Looks at Martov's work "The State and the Socialist Revolution".