The making of an anarchist - Wayne Foster

Wayne Foster recounts his turbulent early life and how it led to him becoming an anarchist.

How to talk like a Situationist

Our guide to talking like a Situationist.

Top ten things to be doing at work instead of working presents the top ten things to do while at work, instead of actually working.

Top ten political lookalikes presents the world's top ten political lookalikes!

Terry Wogan: "sympathetic" to strikers, and scab

Terry Wogan: scab

Terry Wogan, one of the BBC's highest paid presenters scabbed on the strike of BBC workers against cuts in 2005.

Beyond the Future

Spoof press release for an activist event which appeared on the libcom forums in the run up to the G8 summit in Scotland.

Top ten worst things done in the name of anarchism


We had a hard time whittling it down, but now we at are proud to present the top ten worst things ever done in the name of anarchism.

Nicholas Witchell - six o'clock scabbing

The scab o'clock news...

Now Royal Correspondent, Nicholas Witchell crossed picket lines to read the six o'clock news during the 1989 BBC strike.

Shelagh Fogarty - breakfast scab

Fogarty scab

Starting strikebreaking early in the day, Radio 5 co-anchor Shelagh Fogarty scabbed on her colleagues during the 2005 BBC strike.

Top ten Trot chat-up lines

Trotsky presents the top ten best Trotskyist pick-up lines to use on the cute Marxist-Leninist at your local paper-sale.