Liz Hurley - filmed advert during actors strike

Hurl-inducing: Scabley
Hurl-inducing: Scabley

Actress Elizabeth Hurley was fined £70,000 by her union for scabbing on a five month Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike.

Submitted by Steven. on April 13, 2003

In 2000 the "star" had the fine imposed by the trial board of the SAG for breaking a five-month strike by appearing in a perfume advertisement for Estée Lauder.

SAG members held demonstrations and film events Hurley attended, holding placards stating "Elizabeth Scabley, you make me Hurl."

She claimed not to know about it.

One union member commented on a blog that "even now, bitchwhore is claiming that she didn't know about the strike. Even fucker Tiger Woods said that it was a difficult decision and he had contracts with Nike and blah blah blah. Hurley is still claiming ignorance. Actually, come to think of it, she is a fucking stupid bitch, so she might not have known about it."

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