Diverse views on May Day

A mysteriously unguarded McDonalds is attacked in London on Mayday 2000

A selection of contrasting shorter contributions to Reflections on Mayday.

Reclaim ‘Reclaim the Streets’! - Z

The retreat from the specific experience of empowerment to symbolic politics, sentimental solidarity and 'spontaneity' ... We're on the road to nowhere.

A critical contribution to Reflections On Mayday.

Reflections on MayDay 2K - Kirk

A pacifist and pro-police contribution to Reflections on Mayday which is reproduced for reference.

Poisoning in the guerrilla garden - Squall

Squall magazine reflect on the media coverage of Mayday 2000, with focus on George Monbiot's condemnation in The Guardian.

Globalisation: Origins - History - Resistance

An anonymous and expansive autonomist marxist contribution to Reflections On Mayday 2000.

Excerpts of this were included in the Reflections On Mayday document (see PDF). The full text is reproduced here.

It originally appeared in Do Or Die #8.

Reflections on May Day - Eleno

A contribution to Reflections On Mayday 2000.

We do not agree with all of this text (notably its "anti-imperialist" support for nationalist struggles) but reproduce it for reference.

Account of May Day

An anonymous reflection on London Mayday 2000.

It pays to be critical - Bill (S.P.G.B.)

A member of the Socialist Party of Great Britain writes on London's Mayday 2000 events.

One day spectaculars – Melancholic Troglodytes

Melancholic Troglodytes' reflections on London Mayday 2000.