Nestor Makhno

Makhno's philosophers - John Manifold

A poem from John Manifold, imagining academics falling in with the Makhnovist rebels...

The Makhnos of memory: Mennonite and Makhnovist narratives of the civil war in Ukraine (1917-1921) - Sean David Patterson

Fyodor Schuss, center-right, poses with other Makhnovists

A really interesting Masters thesis on the relationship between Mennonites and Makhnovists in southern Ukraine during the Russian Civil War through the historical narratives found in each group’s literature.

My visit to the Kremlin - Nestor Makhno

You want bread? Here's bread for you

The Ukrainian peasant Nestor Makhno visited Moscow in June, 1918 and had extensive interviews with the Bolshevik leaders Sverdlov and Lenin. This account amounts to two chapters from his memoirs and deals with his encounters with the Bolsheviks.

Nestor Makhno: A Theoretician of Anarcho-Syndicalism?

A short piece reflecting on the Anarchism and Syndicalism section of the Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists by Makhno and co. Also riffing on the 19th and early 20th century anarchist workers' movement.

Nestor Makhno memorial coin issued by Ukrainian central bank

Images of a memorial coin for Ukrainian anarchist guerrilla leader, Nestor Makhno. Nominal cost of the money - 2 hryvnias, cost - 20 hryvnias (around 1.80 euro), alltogether 30000 coins printed.

Great October in the Ukraine

A short piece on the events in the Ukraine during the October Revolution in 1917.

The Struggle Against the State - Nestor Makhno

A short essay about opposing the state, the obstacles to be overcome and important strategies and institutions that will eventually replace it.

The Makhnovshchina and Anti-Semitism- Nestor Makhno

A series of complaints about the pervasiveness of the allegations that the Makhnovschina where anti semitic and a list of the efforts gone to to disprove them.

To the Jews of all Countries- Nestor Makhno

In response to frequent accusations of anti-Semitism and leading pogroms against Jewish settlements in the Ukraine Nestor Makhno began a series of appeals to Jewish press and societies asking for verifiable information.