Workers divided as teachers and lecturers strike alone in London

As groups of education workers have been left to strike alone in London on March 28, the Anarchist Federation (London) argue that we cannot rely on the union leaderships, and we need to find a way of organising collectively ourselves.

Education round-up 17/3/12

NUT London Pensions strike. Wilshaw joins Gove with his numeracy problems. Downhills Primary and Montgomery Primary academy struggles.

Californian nurses strike over patient care and pensions

Thousands of nurses across California have gone on strike to fight for their pensions which are being slashed by Kaiser Permanente. They have been joined on the picket line in a 'sympathy' strike by nurses from a union with a 'no strike' policy, and by maintainence workers.

UCU vote to suspend strike action


On Tuesday the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) held a special conference to determine where we go next in our pensions dispute. For those who haven't been following the intricacies of it all I'll attempt to briefly lay out where we were going into this meeting and what happened there.

Unilever workers begin pension fight back

Today, hundreds of Unilever workers converged on the company HQ in London to protest against the 'downgrading' of their pension schemes. The protest is the first action in a fight back against Unilever, which is set to escalate to a series strikes accross the UK in the coming months. Unilver, who want to win the race to the bottom, believe the pension reforms will ensure their scheme is sustainable and competetive. Where have I heard that one before?

Education round up 7/1/12

NUT and NASUWT reject pension offer. Gove talks shite about academies. Sutton council wants to ditch class size limit.

Shell Oil joins the great private sector pension scam

Royal Dutch Shell, one of the largest and most profitable companies on earth has announced it is closing its pension scheme for new UK employees. This is despite having record high share prices, a turnover of over £360 billion, and having much more money paid into the pension scheme than is taken out. Shell has one of the most financially sound schemes in the UK, with a £1.1 billion surplus. There needs to a be a genuine joining up of pension campaigns between the private and public sectors.

UK workplace struggles roundup - December 2011

December saw strikes on the railways and London Underground, and action by IT, factory and warehouse workers, amongst others.

Belgium general strike

Yesterday there was a 24 hour general strike in Belgium by public sector workers.

Don't give up on the pensions fight

N30 strike march in Birmingham

As trade unions look set to sell out their members once again, workers need to stand together in the fight over pensions and refuse to allow ourselves to be picked off one by one with cosmetic concessions.