“The Rank and File Strategy”: A Syndicalist View - Tom Wetzel

Veteran activist and writer Tom Wetzel enters the wide ranging debate on the left around the “rank and file strategy” orientation to the labor movement. This piece is based on material in his forthcoming book from AK Press, Overcoming Capitalism, and was first published by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

What’s Wrong with the Unions? A Syndicalist Answer

A look from the 1950s at the limitations of Trade Unions, and a recommendation of a syndicalist approach to organising.

The Origins of Collective Decision-Making by Andy Blunden

A history of majority and consensus decision-making structures used by direct-democratic assemblies of the sort advocated for by libertarian socialists

Collectives in the Spanish Revolution - by Gaston Leval (2018 Updated & Improved Edition)

A new, updated, and improved edition of a classic of anarcho-syndicalist economics -- a detailed eyewitness and analysis of the successes and struggles of a libertarian socialist economy

Kio estas CNT?


Senex's Letters on Associated Labour

The oldest complete work of socialist economic theory

The Socialist Future of the Syndicates - Georges Sorel

Georges Sorel

Sorel's 1898 text, the Socialist Future of the Syndicates, is often referred to as his most directly syndicalist work. At this point a committed, albeit unique Marxist, Sorel gives an assessment of trade unions as a vehicle for revolutionary politics. Reproduced for reference, not out of agreement.

George Barrett, anarchists and the Great Unrest

Freedom Press published a selection of essays by 1910s anarchist activist George Barrett, Our Masters Are Helpless, at the start of this month. Below is an edited and slightly expanded text of the launch event talk.

Syndicalism and Authority - Pierre Besnard

Cartoon of Pierre Besnard

French anarcho-syndicalist Pierre Besnard's exposition of the libertarian nature of anarcho-syndicalism, or as he refers to it, federalist syndicalism. Besnard deals with potential anti-organisationalist criticisms by elaborating how these free syndicates are formed, and how decisions are made within them, making clear that syndicalism is not something totally new to humans, but is merely, in a sense, a new expression of the universal, primordial tendency towards co-operation. Note: the translator is an amateur, so please forgive any errors.

E19: The IWW in Australia

The IWW in Australia.

Episode on the early history of the revolutionary Industrial Workers of the World union in Australia, in conversation with Paula DeAngelis. Paula is a historian and contributed to Wobblies of the World: a global history of the IWW.