One day in July: Remembering the 1934 Minneapolis Teamster strike

An article written on the 1934 strike in Minneapolis for the 'One Day in July' festival.

The Teamster Raid on the UTU: A Dispatch from the civil war in the Canadian Transport Industry

This article is based on several interviews with workers that IWW members spoke with while supporting a couple strikes at Canada National Rail. The piece deals with the politics of the several unions who were all vying to become the One Big Union on the railways. It’s also worth looking at the rhetoric and practice of current contemporary Industrial Unionism and the revolutionary vision of the early 20th Century. There’s a lot of talk about mergers and consolidation right now in the labour movement. This is something pay attention to over the next few years.

How Teamsters quelled fascist thugs

Excerpts from the book Teamster Politics by Farrell Dobbs describing how in the 1930s Teamsters Local 544 and other unionists formed a defense guard that pushed back the Silver Shirts, a fascist outfit that was spawned from the deepening capitalist economic crisis of the 1930s.

United States: Workers on the Move - Fred Pilgotsky

Article appearing in International Socialism, No.70, Mid-June 1974, by auto worker and socialist Fred Pilgotsky. In it he talks about wildcats in the auto industry, the conflicts between the unions and the rank-and-file, and the significance of race in the US.

Sometimes We Don't Even Get to the Point of Winning or Losing...

Reading The American Worker and old Italian operaismo surveys of auto workers, it occurred to me that it would be worth documenting some of my own experiences in wage labor. We often forget how powerful and important first person accounts of what happens to us are.

Hot Under The Collar

more dirt on "clean rooms" by dennis hayes and
update on cannery workers' strike settlement, by primitivo morales

Some thoughts on Teamster Rebellion by Farrell Dobbs

Some thoughts by JOMO of the group Unity & Struggle on Farrel Dobbs' account of the 1934 Minneapolis truckers strike, Teamster Rebellion.

Teamsters local opposes Iraq war - Uprise! press release

1934: Minneapolis Teamsters strike

Strikers battle police

A history of the 1934 strike of Teamsters in Minneapolis and the organising of workers of trucking companies across the city prior to it.

Orange Country refuse strike continues

Workers have been picketing since Monday.

Temporary workers have been hired to resume refuse collection in several cities across Orange County.