"The fight of our lives": An analysis of the UK pensions dispute

Steven Johns' detailed account of how Unison has handled the recent dispute over pensions. It sheds light on the role unions play in contemporary society, and argues that if ever us workers are going to start winning things again, we will have to go beyond them.

Unison officials spy on their own activists to ensure yes vote on pensions

Unison's paradoxical pensions propaganda

As it is announced that the majority of Unison members have voted in line with the union's recommendation to accept the new pensions deal, libcom.org has obtained a leaked e-mail from a senior Unison official instructing organisers to spy on branches and individual activists who campaigned for a no vote.

Camden traffic warden strike

Video about the Camden traffic wardens on three-day strike this week.

Fighting Academies in Brent

A short blog detailing to the nascent and so far trade union dominated fight against academy conversion in Brent, London.

New public sector walkout over pensions set for May 10 (with updates)

Civil servants and health workers in the PCS and Unite unions, respectively are set to strike on May 10 against the government's slashing of public and private sector pensions. Unison, the biggest union, won't be with them.

Alternative Futures Group support workers begin the fightback

Support workers begin their fightback against the Alternative Futures Group and their attempts to slash wages.

Barnet council workers to strike against privatisation

On Thursday 9 February, hundreds of Barnet council UNISON members will go on strike. Barnet council workers are fighting plans to mass-outsource council services and jobs to the private sector.

Women council workers in Bury win equal pay legal battle

Last week council workers in Bury won a legal battle over discriminatory bonuses. Although dubbed the “dinner ladies” case by the media, the settlement covers cleaners, carers and many other grades of council employees.

I will not be sold down the river again

Are the trade unions about to sell us out?

Pensions: Will Prentis try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Leicester Solidarity Group on the rumours that Unison general secretary Dave Prentis is set to agree a backroom deal to cut local government and NHS workers' pensions.