Zerowork 3

This was intended to be the third issue of Zerowork on the subject of immigration, however it was never published.

Zerowork 2

The second and final published issue of the Zerowork journal from autumn 1977.

Zerowork 1

The first issue of Zerowork journal, December 1975.

Zerowork journal

Comprehensive online archive of the Zerowork journal, an autonomist Marxist-influenced magazine based in the US which published two issues between 1975 and 1977.

Introduction to ZeroWork II

Introduction to the second and final published issue of American autonomist magazine ZeroWork

Reproduction and immigration - Mariarosa Dalla Costa

Article by autonomist feminist from the American magazine ZeroWork.

Developing and underdeveloping New York: The 'fiscal crisis' and the imposition of austerity - Donna Demac and Philip Mattera

Article on New York budget and social crisis from the second and final issue of the American autonomist magazine ZeroWork

National liberation, socialism, and the struggle against work: The case of Vietnam - Philip Mattera

Letter and article that the ZeroWork editorial collective circulated on the American left in the 1970s

"The sons of bitches just won't work": Postal workers against the state - Peter Taylor

Article on Canadian postal workers struggles from American autonomist magazine ZeroWork.

Crisis in the auto sector - Peter Linebaugh and Bruno Ramirez

Article from American autonomist marxist magazine ZeroWork about auto industry labor struggles.