Zimbabwe – crawling between imperialist masters

Mugabe and Xi meeting

The removal of Mugabe means only that the ruling elite will seek new imperialist links to solve the economic mess the country is in. Zimbabwe demonstrates for the nth time that "national liberation" in the epoch of imperialism means liberation only for the indigenous bourgeoisie linked to the world order of capitalism.

The Old Man and the Coup

Zimbabwe flag/map

This article looks at the recent events around the removal of Robert Mugabe from power in Zimbabwe. It argues that this will not bring liberation for the people of Zimbabwe, as it does not address the problems Zimbabwe faces - a ruthless ruling class, its state, capitalism and imperialism

1945: Black Rhodesian Rail Workers Strike

Black workers on the Rhodesian Rail way (Zimbabwe and Zambia) struck against unfair working conditions and company racism.

Industrial Worker #1706 (June 2008)

The June 2008 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

'This is class warfare' the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe

Lucien van der Walt on the potential of Zimbabwean trade unions' to force change during a wave of strike action in 1998.

Trade unions in Zimbabwe: For democracy, against neo-liberalism

Lucien van der Walt's paper on the state of organised labour in Zimbabwe circa 1998.

The politics of land: ZANU vs. the MDC

An article from 2000 by Samuel Kariuki and Lucien van der Walt on the issue of land in Zimbabwean politics and the potential lessons from neighbouring South Africa.

1500 Zimbabwean diamond miners sacked for striking

Over 1500 diamond miners in Zimbabwe have been sacked following a strike for higher pay. Many of the workers have reported serious sexual assaults by the bosses.

International Anarchist Statement in Solidarity with Zimbabwe's Treason Trialists

An international anarchist solidarity statement with the Harare 46.