Anarchism and the ZZZ in Poland, 1919-1939

Two articles on the history of the anarchist movement and anarcho-syndicalist union ZZZ in Poland between the two world wars.

Abolish temporary work! Campaign from FAU-IWA

Statement by German anarcho-syndicalist group FAU on the situation of temporary employment in Germany and recent developments between unions and employers' organisations.

Attack is the Only Way Forward. The struggle of the GGB (Healthworkers Syndicate) Hannover at the Wahrendorff Clinic

An account of workplace organising in a privately run hospital in Germany in 2007.

Berlin 2006: The long road Organizing the unemployed can be as strenuous as trying to repel the Labour Exchange's impudences

An account of welfare claimants' collective organising for their rights in Germany.

Putting pressure on deadbeat bosses: the FAU-Bremen aids member in retrieving unpaid wages

A short account of winning a transport workers' unpaid wages.

Kid Gloves or Bare-Knuckles The Experiences of the FAU-Hannover in Public Sector Strikes, 2005

A detailed account of organizing, radicalizing and participating in a strike at a public health institution, against the context of national negotiations over new pay and conditions for public sector workers.

Bremen 1998 - Students force the Education Authorities to bend

Short account of a successful campaign for education funding.

Schorndorf 1991: A Successful Temp Workers' Strike

The FAU was founded as a union for all wage-workers and therefore also for temporary workers. In March of 1991 a spontaneous and successful strike was launched by temp workers at the Bauknecht Company in the small swabian city of Schorndorf.

Judge Upholds Boycott Ban on FAU Berlin

On February 16, 2010, The regional labor court of Berlin confirmed that the FAU (Free Workers' Union) Berlin can't call for a boycott of the Babylon Mitte Cinema. In October 2009, the same court had issued an injunction against the boycott at the behest of the cinema's bosses.

Summary of the global day of protest in solidarity with FAU Berlin

Textile workers from Dhaka, Bangladesh

On january 29/30, 2010, there were protests in at least 56 cities in 20 countries against a verdict that prohibits workers in Berlin from affiliating themselves with the union of their choice. The bosses at the Babylon Mitte Cinema managed to find a court to ban the FAU Berlin workers association from calling itself a union and are now trying to get the FAU Berlin charged with fines or even imprisoned. The is a month-long labor dispute between the FAU shop-floor and the management. More information about the conflict can be found at the FAU German language special section and our English language special section.