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Green Apocalypse - Luther Blissett & Stewart Home

Green Apocalpyse was published by Unpopular Books in October 1995. It was an intervention in the lengthy and bitter disupute between the primitivist Green Anarchist Network and the communist Neoist Alliance.

Review of "What is Situationism: A Reader"

A short book review from Black Flag #207.

The book itself is available on Libcom here.

What is situationism?: a reader

This anthology gathers together a broad range of critical material about the Situationist International.

Anarchist integralism: art, politics and the apres-garde - Stewart Home

Bad article on nationalist, elitist and racist currents in anarchist thought, past and present. It makes important points, but is guilty of over-generalisation, sectarianism, and excursions deep into wind-up territory. We do not agree with much of the contents but reproduce it here for reference.

NOT a review of "Guy Debord Is Really Dead"

A free leaflet distributed in London in the mid-1990s as a critique of the Luther Blissett pamphlet and its publishers.