The communist left in Germany 1918-1921 - Gilles Dauvé and Denis Authier

The communist left in Germany 1918-1921 - Gilles Dauvé and Denis Authier

A analysis of the revolutionary movements in Europe at the end of World War I, their contradictions and limitations.

First published in France in 1976, as 'La Gauche Communiste en Allemagne (1918-1921)'. English translation by M. DeSocio published in 2006. Taken from the Collective Action Notes website.

Introduction.pdf263.94 KB
Chapter 1 - Germany in 1914.pdf183.41 KB
Chapter 2 - Origins of the German workers' movement.pdf331.44 KB
Chapter 3 - The German Left before 1914.pdf209.83 KB
Chapter 4 - War and radicalisation.pdf208.5 KB
Chapter 5 - The 1918 'November Revolution'.pdf165.06 KB
Chapter 6 - Before the confrontation- the relation of forces.pdf186.18 KB
Chapter 7 - The Confrontations- November 1918 to May 1919.pdf228.27 KB
Chapter 8 - The international and domestic situations, May 1919 to March 1920.pdf160.01 KB
Chapter 9 - Revolutionary syndicalism and unionism.pdf190.81 KB
Chapter 10 - The KPD- January 1919 to March 1920.pdf163.64 KB
Chapter 11 - Between the first and second congresses of the Communist International.pdf213.71 KB
Chapter 12 - The Kapp Putsch and the Ruhr insurrection.pdf170.34 KB
Chapter 13 - The VKPD.pdf148.88 KB
Chapter 14 - The KAPD and the AAUD-E.pdf209.05 KB
Chapter 15 - The March Action (1921).pdf224.14 KB
Chapter 16 - The German left and the Third International.pdf220.49 KB
Chapter 17 - The 'International Communist Left'.pdf383.63 KB
Conclusion.pdf139.66 KB
Epilogue.pdf233.68 KB
Texts - Foreward.pdf157.53 KB
Appendix I - The groupuscular phase.pdf246.4 KB
Appendix II - Bibliography of terms addressed by the German left during the 1930s.pdf185.98 KB
Appendix III - Note on 'National Bolshevism'.pdf149.96 KB
The Communist Left in Germany 1918-1921 - Gilles Dauvé & Denis Authier.epub486.34 KB

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