Bangladesh: general strike

A general strike is in force today across Bangladesh.

Submitted by libcom on January 22, 2006

It was called by the opposition to protest against government manipulation of the voters list, comes alongside threats of a general election boycott early next year. Sunday is a normal working day in Bangladesh.

There have been violent clashes at opposition rallies on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday at least 25 people were injured in the centre of the capital, Dhaka, when police used tear gas and batons to disperse opposition activists marching to generate support for the strike.

In at least ten other towns today, there has been violence between police, protestors and opponents of the strike. Police opened fire on an opposition rally in Jamalpur, and nearly 60 people were injured in clashes betweeen strike supporters and opponents in Rangpur, 350km north of the capital. Pickets burned vehicles in the towns of Rajshahi in the north, and Magura in the southwest. General strikes are called frequently in Bangladesh.