Black Flag 227 (2008)

The second of the new issues of Black Flag, which came out as the credit crunch started to hit hard in mid-2008. The collective, while remaining small, fit in much more contemporary and international work for 227. Below is the full contents listings for the magazine, which is attached as a PDF file.

Submitted by Rob Ray on May 4, 2009
  • Cover story: The ballot box can’t beat a BNP which exploits disillusionment with both capitalism and socialism.
    Page 4

  • Expose: What is the true extent of poverty in Manchester? Jack Ray investigates.
    Page 9

  • Theory: Placing the credit crunch in perspective.
    Page 12

  • Interview: Members of the London Coalition Against Poverty talk about their fight against homelessness.
    Page 16

  • In depth: Anarchist feminism, its forebears and future. Including an interview with Ireland’s RAG group, and a rare work by Emma Goldman
    Page 18

  • International: Taking a look at France and Russia today.
    Page 26

  • Reviews: Looking at some of the literature and media of the left.
    Page 30

  • History: The second part of Iain Mckay’s hefty critique of both the original Leninists
    and their followers today.
    Page 35

Black Flag is stocked in radical bookshops across the UK and available from AK Distribution and Active Distro. The editorial address is Black Flag, BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. Each issue costs £3 + £1 p&p. UK cheques payable 'Black Flag'. Email blackflagmag AT for more information.

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Submitted by Steven. on September 28, 2009

Just a note that I did a bit of sub editing on these two black flag issues. Whole issues of magazines, we should just basically tag them with the name of the publication, and if they are just on one issue then with the relevant tag. But if they cover lots of topics with lots of different authors, then we shouldn't add all of the topic and author tags.