Black Flag 228 (2008)

With the credit crunch slowly unravelling the debt-dependent “real” economy, the late 2008 edition of Black Flag discussed the economics of wage cutting. This tied in to a look at the weakness of the unions. UK fascism, our ecological and health problems, a discussion of the welfare and analyis of why an eco-capitalism is an impossibility all feature. Below is the full contents listings for the magazine, which is attached as a PDF file.

Submitted by Rob Ray on May 4, 2009
  • Cover story: Social Ecologist Mark R on greenwash capitalism.
    Page 7
    +Extract: The FAQ on eco-anarchism Page 10

  • Analysis: Looking at the NHS, and how to change healthcare for the better.
    Page 4

  • Analysis: The fall of the unions.
    Page 12

  • In focus: Looking at the prison system as Titan jails move ever closer.
    Page 14

  • Analysis: Exploring the world of radical pamphlets
    Page 16

  • Theory: Explaining the roots, and weakness, of capitalist wage plans.
    Page 18

  • Reportage: Kaf and Paul Stott continue their investigation into the BNP’s electoral success. Page 21
  • Reportage: On the aftermath of the Budryk strike in Poland.
    Page 25

  • Critique: Crimethinc and Art.
    Page 26

  • History: Anarchy defended by anarchists.
    Page 28

  • Review: Anarchy in Action has a shiny new look.
    Page 29

  • Review: Re-reading Read.
    Page 32

  • Review: Bolsheviks in power.
    Page 33

  • History: The final part of Iain Mckay’s extended work on early Bolshevism.
    Page 35

  • Review: Non-Leninist Marxism.
    Page 38

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